Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Crafts

Today, Cora, Nyobi and I ate the experimental low lactose pumpkin pie and began our useful thanksgiving project.  I drew out designs on poster board for turkey napkin and place card holders.  Once the girls finished their pie, I cut out the templates on one sheet for cora to paint.  The other sheet I left assembled.  One and a half year olds eat little pieces of paper, they do not paint them. 

Getting out the water colors, Cora immediately started covering one turkey in purple.  I dipped Nyobis brush and began helping her paint yellow on the paper.  Anya began to cry.  "No problem."  I thought.  "I only need one hand to help Nyobi paint." 

Retrieving the crabbing infant, I returned to find Nyobi munching on the paint brush.  "Yum"  she said.  We dipped again, in the orange paint and began brushing.  Both girls glowed with excitement, and Anya scrunched and squeaked in her usual awake gestures.  She seemed to be having fun too. 

Once again thwarting Nyobis attempt to eat the watercolors rather than paint with them, I leaned over to dip the brush in red.  As I straightened up, Anya made a squirting noise that could only mean one thing; diaper change time.  Then she made another.  To my horror I watched bright yellow brown poop slide out the side of her diaper and plop down on my shirt and the poster board. 

I laughed, as Cora scrunched up her nose and said "gross!"  Carefully cradling the baby as to not squish out any more "yellow gold"  I went to the nursery to change Anya.  I guess she just wanted to contribute to our craft project morning.  By the time I returned to the kitchen, I discovered she had also contributed to Nyobis color palate and diet.  The toddler was smearing around then poop stain, and munching on the paint brush. 

We did accomplish something.  We made one dark purple turkey placecard and napkin holder.  We could use the other ten, but family who attend Thanksgiving read this blog.  Good thing I have one sheet of posterboard left.

Monday, November 2, 2009

When IS Christmas

Cora loves the idea of Christmas.  This year, she understands Who or What Santa Claus is.  She already knows what she is going to put on her list.  She wants her own little pink sewing machine, like Mommies!  I'm pretty sure it is lurking in the closet at Nahni's waiting for Santa to pick it up.  After hearing about my own mothers last minute drives to fetch roller skates and a two wheel bikey, I decided to play it safe.  I can always return it, if she hasn't been good, or she changes her mind.

Besides that, she loves the idea of a Christmas Tree in the house!  She likes it so much, she suggested we go get the one we had last year from the wood pile and put it back up.  "It's not green!"  I protested.

"I will paint it!  That will be a good deal!"  she said.

Then she saw the Christmas lights.  My Mom picked up two strands of new Christmas lights, as our old ones were missing too many bulbs, or dead.  She wanted to open them up immediately, and the need for the tree became urgent.  "Its not Christmas yet!"  I informed her as I put the lights downstairs.

"Yes it IS Christmas!"  She retorted.

An hour later, grumpy that I would not let her drink my soda pop she wandered downstairs.  I caught her with one pack of lights hacked open with her notorious child approved scissors.  Fortunately she did not cut the wires.  I told her to go sit on her bed.  Then I put the lights out of her reach in the room she is forbidden to enter. 

I went upstairs to explain to her that it is NOT christmas yet, and that I am upset with her.  I find her and Nyobi sitting on Coras bed,  drinking my soda pop. 

Two pairs of guilty blue eyes and two sets of chipmunk cheeks stared back at me. 

When is christmas?  For Cora right now, its just a word.  The gift of seeing my daughters working together, of hearing Cora willing to WORK for her fun (I'll paint it MOM!)  The family around me.  That is the joy of christmas. 

Maybe when the actual "holiday" arrives, Santa will bring me a padlock for my child free room downstairs, and some more soda pop.