Friday, November 13, 2009


It is always so amazing to hear children begin to communicate.  Nyobi speaks more words every day.  She loves being able to say things, though sometimes her statements don't add up to communication at all, unless you understand BeeBee isms.  She spent a good five minutes staring at her reflection in the mirror last night, saying "pretty BeeBee", "nosey"  and "Hi Woo!".  When I pulled her away she clung to me for one last glance and said "Kissy"  and blew herself a kiss. 

She talks to people other than herself as well.  "No ears!"  was her mantra this morning.  "no ears" evidently means, I'm not listening to you mom because you cannot get to me before I get away. 

Last night, it was a standing at the door where Dad and Cora went and saying "Me too Me too!"  until she knew that she wasn't going to go. Then she started knocking and saying "Come in!  Come in!" 

For the most part, it sounds like the teacher in Peanuts cartoons, garbled sounds instead of sentences.  This however, is Nyobi.  If you can't understand the words, the body language will say it all, and for the most part, it says I love life! 

...especially when life includes driving her parents crazy.