Saturday, April 10, 2010

Children See, Children Do.

Which is why my eldest uses a napkin like her Nani, and poses with hands on hips like a miniature Chelsea or Gramma.  It also explains why I am loathed to show the girls movies with excessive teen angst, but happy to show them films with bad words and great deeds and hearts.  One of my sister in laws described it as strong female protagonists. 

Maybe thats why I'm not so worried about kissing or fighting with my husband in front of them.  I certainly don't mind breastfeeding with them around either.  My two daughters learn by seeing and doing so much, they can operate a laptop better than some of thier adult relatives. 

What I cannot figure out is why my eldest thinks clothing shopping is so much fun, and why she has such refined and peculiar fashion sense.  Would the relative responsible please step up and fork over some plastic?  I'm going to need it in about ten years when she enters the teens...

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wendy said...

Ahh and she will show the younger two also... you, my dear, need to win the lottery!!!!!