Monday, April 26, 2010

Fridges and Kisses

I began purchasing the big boxes of eggs. Rather than just a dozen, these boxes hold 2 1/2 dozen eggs in a cardboard tray. Around it, a cardboard box bears all the labels. With small children, we eat a lot of eggs.

Last week, when I purchased one and slid it into the fridge, my Husband stared at it and grumbled. When I asked him to clarify, he told me he hated having to open the box and move it around to get the eggs out. To please him, I took the box and threw it out, just sliding in the tray and eggs. The tray looks good up there.

Its aesthetics vanished this morning when I walked in on my 2 year old dipping her fingers into the partially opened vegi drawer. She places them in her mouth, looks at me, says "mmmmmmm" then smacks her lips and offers me a yolky kiss. Prior to my arrival, she had cracked three readily available eggs into the vegi drawer and scrambled them with her fingers.

My fridge needed cleaning anyways. But yes, that would be why I left the eggs in the troublesome box.

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