Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My eldest decided to give her polly pocket a bubble bath, in a cup on the counter of the sink in the bathroom.  Unable to reach the bubble bath, she looked under the sink for a spare.  She found another white bottle and added some to the cup.  No bubbles.  She added more and stirred with a paint brush. 

I do not know when in this repetative cycle I appeared.  What I do know is that Cora was so frustrated she turned to me and said  "its NOT bubbling" then put her hands on her hips to frown at the cup.  Suddenly it dawned on her that bathing toys in cups on the sink was not an activity I usually condoned, and she looked back at me with a look of horror that said "Shoot, I'm caught."

Its frustrating when the conditioner refuses to act like bubble bath Cora.  Next time use the baby soap.

My bathroom smells like coconuts.

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