Thursday, April 22, 2010

How my four year old views her world

Yesterday a friend of ours stopped over for the first time in a couple of years.  My eldest gave her a tour of the important parts of the house.  here is the list of pictures that Cora wanted to share. 

First, she showed off her room.  She wanted to show how she and Nyobi shared it.  She showed how bouncy the bed was.  It is "very so bouncy." 

Next she showed off the swing Gramma gave them that is hung on the tree in the back yard.  That is "very so fun".  She commented on the sand box, and bike and trike and wanted to play outside.

Then she commented on our modest TV.  In a world of 54"ers, she said how "very so big" it is.  It is definately not a big TV by objective standards. 

The things she showed off that I as most proud of though, were her manners.  She ate politely, didn't squirm at dinner, cleared her place, washed her hands and even initiated conversation.  She even came up with a relevant to her topic to ask our friend.  "Do you have any sisters?"   How many four year olds attempt to make polite dinner table conversation. 

She is very so wonderful! 


wendy said...

But of course she is! I keep telling you, you have wonderful children!!!

Senette said...

She is such a sweetheart, you have such wonderful kids!