Friday, April 30, 2010

I have a walker.  One of those odd contraptions that let crawling age children propel themselves around the room in a standing position.  I was informed that there is risk of death associated with it.  "The baby can propel themselves down the stair case!"  Deformity "It will corrupt their posture and they won't be able to walk properly."  and Serious injury "They can go through one leg hole and break their back!" 

Nyobi adored it.  Anya loves it.  I think it is brilliant, simply because my six feet radius infant can mush around the kitchen when I cook, but have a foot wide circle of plastic for me to bash into rather than tender little limbs.  having almost stepped on hands and feet, and pretty much body checked my elder two, extra padding is awesome.

So why does the world seem so against my baby walker?  I mean, we advocate the use of them for the infirmed (albeit without the bear print and chewy toys).  There are risks associated with every aspect of life.  The stairs are there regardless of the walker.  Posture can be ruined by bad habits as quickly as a chair.  As for injury, that is just as likely from her sisters trying to pick her up.

I am not an advocate of throwing infants in traffic, but rather a reasonable understanding of risks and benefits.  A safe world is one where we assume risks these and deal with consequences.  It is the parents job to get the legs in the right holes, not over use a baby care item, and block the stairs.  As for my walker,  the giggly Anya just grabbed the edge of the trash can, so i think responsible me must go.   

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