Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "I Pooped" ballet

It started.  Three times now, Nyobi, who is not quite two exclaimed to the adult in charge "I Pooped".  On Monday she removed a wet diaper as well.  The delicate and fragerant ballet of potty training has begun.  This evening I will piroette up the stairs with the potty chair.  The magical padded big girl panties will leap off the shelves and out of the drawers like a few dozen sugar plum fairies and I will spend a messy week cleaning urine out of innumerable objects, hopefully the potty chair topping the list. 

My eldest is logical and straightforward, imagine it as the swan lake driven potty training situation.  Nyobi is a space cadet.  I have watched her get distracted by the noise the velcro on her shoes makes.  I expect this dance from diaper to throne to be filled with many Sleeping Beauty moments.  Here is to the second most frustrating lesson of childhood, just please plie over the toilet not the floor.

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wendy said...

I can see your sweet Nyobi dancing Swan Lake! What a great picture!