Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Modern Children.

Having just purchased a new laptop, the old one was shuffled off into the multi-use pile of computer refuse that every house with a tec nerd possesses.  Then the four year old pops up in front of us with big eyes and her "reasonable negotiating" face on.  She eyes the laptop enviously. 

"Can I use it?"  She asks. 

"It can be yours and your sisters."  We tell her. 

My four year old can plug in this laptop, turn it on, open the web browser, close out of extra stuff, use the bookmarks to find her web pages, and navigate a web page.  Cora can also distinguish when the laptop is asking her to type, and present it with letters.  That is pretty impressive.  Now if only she could put the letters in her name in the right order instead of signing things ROCA. 

We also got new phones.  They flip open and contain a mini-screen and a querty keyboard.  She explored mine yesterday and looks at me.  "These are really nice Mommy.  I think you need one more, for me." 

"What?"  I said. 

"One for Nyobi and I, so we can call people.  These are very so nice."  As she flips it closed like a professional texter, I realize that modern children have different envies than I did in my youth.

These modern children play digital paper dolls and want to instant message daddy.  They video chat with gramma and think that all phones have cameras on them.  I wonder how my grandchildren will think of communication and toys?

Do you hear that girls?  You will provide me with grandchildren.  Real ones please.  No virtual babies.

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wendy said...

Cora is a smart little girl! Perhaps you should just start calling her Roca and see what happens! HA HA!