Friday, April 9, 2010

Museum Trip

I took all three children to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum yesterday.  Its mostly a science and technology museum with some small displays about collecting.  We listened to a video about how they reconstructed their mummies face.  We observed various aspects of how robots are created, and we explored natural phenomena.  Its facinating to share science with children.  It is also facinating to observe the children. 

Nyobi show attraction to words and art.  Cora likes mechanics and movement.  They both love the knights from the chess board.  Nyobi will stare in facination at displays and meander slowly.  Cora loves hands on, and is constantly moving and touching.  Anya thinks the stroller is only fun if its moving.  Then there are the random things you realize about the environment you live in. 

For instance, the collection displays that are panned out opposite a three story stair case are only worth looking at if you can press yourself against the railing above a gaping abyss, not if you are actually on the same level as them.  Similarly, two children always go in opposite directions.  Maybe that has something to do with magnetic fields. 

The fire alarm in the elevator is conveniently cute and located right at toddler eye level where as the number buttons are higher up and blank.  That, and the thrill children get from going round and round a parking garage is similar to their enjoyment of a roller coaster.   

All in all, we had a fun time, and learned some things too.  I will be opening my cliff side museum right after I figure out how to avoid liability for all the  parental heart attacks. 

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wendy said...

As always, you captured the visit to a "T", or should I say and ABC!?!?! ha ha