Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pigeons are Eating My Grass Seed

My two year old is "playing" a vacume part at the top of her lungs. Anya is screaming because I am typing between spoonfuls of sweet taters rather than holding the spoon in readiness while she finishes what is in her mouth. Cora wants it to be Nyobis nap time, so she is constantly telling her to go lie down.

But those do not bug me nearly as much as the pigeons who are gorging themselves on my carefully laid grass seed. I have large areas of my lawn that need coverage, and I seeded early. I thought that it would be sprouting nicely by now, but it is not. Now I see why. The early morning breakfast of a couple of trumped up game birds is ruining my lawn.

Where are all the neighborhood cats when I need them?

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