Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Summer Routine

Yesteday we drove into allegan to visit a new store, drop off books at the library, and go to the playground.  As we arrived at one of the main intersections there was a sign in the corner for an upcoming Soup Dinner.  From the back seat Coras voice rose in giddy excitement  "The FARM MARKET Mom, we can go to the FARM MARKET." 

She can't understand why we aren't planting seeds in the gardens yet either.  How my children love the summer routine.  The play ground trips, the weekly farm market mornings and the beauty of eating fresh.  It was so sad to explain to her that the farm market did not start until May. 

Why did she think of it then anyways?  The Soup Dinner sandwich board was located at precisely the same place the farm market sandwich board gets placed.  The sign was another small signal.  I never pointed it out to her before, but she remembered that a sign at that intersection and farm markets coincided. 

I am so proud of her skills of observation and reasoning, especially when exercised over time. 

In the time it took me to make this post, Anya covered her face with a blanket and Nyobi and Cora raided the cereal.  I need to feed them before I post from now on.

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wendy said...

You have three beautiful and VERY SMART children!