Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharing Toys

Slowly but surely we are learning to share toys.  I look forward to the day when I go in to check on the elder two and find them sharing Coras loft bed.  Mostly it would give me warm fuzzy feelings because both of them are asleep. 

Nyobi is learning to share too.  In Nyobis case, she is also learning to not share.  Not sharing must be one of those things they do not write about in baby books because they want the human race to continue to procreate.

Not Sharing goes something like this;  Cora is playing with her pink rubber snake.  She sets it down for a moment to adjust its pillow.  Nyobi grabs it and takes off down the hallway giggling hilariously. 

This game is only fun until Cora loses interest.  Then Nyobi sets down the object and searches for the next great thing to not share.

Actually I wish she would stick to not sharing.  As aggravating as that game is for the other two it beats pounding your six month old on the back to dislodge the Lego head Nyobi decided to share with her. 

Congratulations Dad,  you have joined the ranks of the parents who have performed the infant Heimlich. 

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