Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strange Conversations

Yesterday I married two lego people.  I talked about where Gods Garden is, and our job to take care of each other.  I also said  "Please don't eat the garbage can."  and "What did you do with the clothes you were wearing?" 

When you have children, your conversations are often strange and discombobulated with minor distractions.  Sometimes though they are so to the point that they make your heart ache.  Today I witnessed Cora attempting to kill a large fly on my window, with a thirsty stone coaster.  It attracted my attention because of the loud clang the first attempt made. 

"Don't do that!"  I yelled.  Then calmed down a bit. 

"Why?"  she asked impudently. 

"Because the stone will break the window." 

"But its a BIG BUG"  She said. 

"Yes."  I said.  "But it will nto hurt you as much as broken glass.  Beleive me.  Mommy did that once."

Of course I was using a baseball bat and it was a giant mosquito.  She killed it with her hand instead. 

Why am I still imagining her hand through the glass?

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