Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just an update...nothing more.

Nature Girl #2

Nyobi was playing in the toilet when I walked into the bathroom.  That is the only reason I can think of why Cora set up the water pitcher on the floor.  I arrived just in time to watch her squat over it and poop into the container.  She successfully figured out that toilets are not the only place that you can "do your business".  I am sort of impressed, but not really happy.  All hail nature girl!

Talking Bee

Nyobi is talking but not necessarily using the words that you want her to.  We've been trying to get her to say Please when she wants something.  The other day she wanted an ice cube.  She would just stand, point at the freezer and whine.  I told her to say ice cube please.  She didn't.  she just said ice cube and then started forcing out crocodile tears.

"Please, say Please, Bee" 

"No.  ice cube  waaaaaa"

"Say Please."


"Say I would like"


I gave a deep sigh, realizing that it would come with time.  "Say jalopy then."  I threw out. 


We purchased a small lot of fireworks to celebrate Memorial day with.  I am a weird person.  I like to remember the fallen with acts of joy rather than tears.  We sat outside on the steps and lit them off.  the first few were beautiful colored fountains.  The girls loved them, even Anya was happy with them.  the third one had a loud whistle chamber in it.  When it went off, all the girls jumped.  Anya clung to my arm, burying her face in my shirt,  Cora gripped my leg, and Bee's eyes lit up with delight. 

"Whoa"  said Cora.  "That was very so loud!" 

Bee was clapping excitedly. 

Anya wasn't so sure about the rest of the show.

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