Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Uncle Beers Playground

At Uncle Beers house, his community has a play ground area.  You have to jump across a small creek to get to it.  Whomever built this does not have children.  it took a lot of planning to cross the creek without anyone getting wet. 

At the playground, we met several other parents, all of whom were pleasant and chatty.  it was a nice change from our usual sulky parents we end up meeting.  They shook hands and compared childrens ages.  After they learned I was the visitor they were still pleasant.  Their uncle was distracted by the hot Mom of the group.  He was also very concerned over Nyobi. 

"She's deaf"  he concluded after listening to me scream at her and she failing to respond in the slightest. 

Nothing I said could convince her otherwise, and floating in her own little world, she was happy to maintain toddler "deafness".  I tried the other approach.  "She choses not to hear me."  I told him,  "call her yourself"

Of course, Nyobi didn't respond to that either. 

But on the walk home, a plane flew over.  "Plane!"  Bee mouthed,  pointing up to the dot in the sky. 

"What?"  Steffen said, then looked where she was pointing.  "I guess you aren't deaf after all." 

No,  she's not deaf.  She is two, and at a cool play ground.  Not quite as cool as the house with the fridge that gives you ice cubes by pressing a button, but its up there.  Note to self,  do not invest in ice cube dropping fridge.

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