Monday, June 21, 2010

Voluntary and involuntary muscles and brains

One of the odder things I purchased over the years was an anatomy and physiology coloring book for adults.  It has all the line drawings from cellular structure up to entire organ systems.  I patiently colored the first few chapters and learned names and characters before losing interest while discussing nerve synapsis's and trying to learn chinese cooking techniques.  One of those hobbies is tastier than the other. 

In an effort to show Cora why Nyobi might look a little like Dad but was NOT a boy, I pulled out the book and flipped to the scientific line drawings.   The coloring book aspect made it very attractive to her.  After talking about boys and girls differences, we talked about the skeleton.  I faithfully read all the bone names, and we actually made a large cardboard skeleton and wrote them on the back of the bones.  What a great halloween decoration. 

I figured that the complex latin words washed right over Coras head until I touched my collarbone in the car and refered to it by the laymans term.  "Its the Clavecal"  sounded from the back seat. Some of it stuck. 

Today  while I was throwing breakfast together, she asked for the coloring book.  We usually do some learning stuff at the table, but I was surprised by this request.  "the one with the skeleton in it Mom"  We read through muscles and organs and the nervous system.  Some names came up, like the heart arteries and veins, ligaments, tendons and cells.  We mostly talked in concepts.  Muscles are like rubber bands, they can be either voluntary and involuntary.  Nervous system carries thoughts from the central place (brain) to the tips of the fingers.  As I flipped through pages she stopped me and points to a squiggly picture. 

"Thats a brain mom!  I have a brain, and its right here (pointing to her temple)  in my skull." 

Yes you do have a brain darling,  and I am going to have to read the fine print in my coloring book at the rate we are going, because it is super active and absorbing things like a little sponge. Those girls have involuntary brains,  they can not seem to stop learning.

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