Monday, June 28, 2010

When all is quiet

When all is quiet during the day, I get suspicious.  Today there was a good cause.  Anya was napping in her crib.  Bee was asleep in my chair.  However, Cora whom usually siezes upon these naptimes to induce direct Mom attention was far too quiet.  I went to the kitchen to check on her craft project she needed her scissors for earlier.  She was not there, but her scissors were.

I found her in her room, playing quietly.  Cora is not a playing quietly child.  My suspicions were confirmed when she said "I'm sorry about the hair." 

"What hair?"  I asked. 

She reached up and pulled a few wisps of hair on her forhead.  "It was in my eyes and you would not help me find the salon.  They cut hair at the salon, and you do too for Bee and Daddy, but it was just in my eyes..."  She really was remorseful.  "You make it look nice...and easy..."

She really was remorseful, probably more so because the Cora self cut was so dramatic.  It took me thirty minutes to even it out enough and hide the damage.   When will I learn that when Cora says bangs I should just cut them?

Why is it that in the middle of her Mom hair cut I asked with growing horror "You did not cut Bees did you?"

Thank God she did not.

I breathed in hair fuzz and can not stop coughing.

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