Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Learning to Speak

Helping three small children learn to speak creates some interesting moments.  Dinner last night was punctuated by Cora repeating one by one all the bad words she has learned in English, waiting for the reaction and then repeating the suggested substitutes.  This is advanced language. 

Nyobi is learning enunciation.  Removing her nuky from her mouth creates three or four words distinguishable sentences.  "Ice Cube Please Mom"  is one of my favorite. "I like coffee, MMMM"  is another.

My favorite is Anya though.  She can say Mama.  "Caaa" for Cora.  "Kiii" for Kitty.   "NNNNN"  for nyobi, and "IEAAAIE" for Dad.   Right now she is saying "WAAAH  punctured by "YAAAAA"  because I'm not holding her.   Laptop time has ended. 

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