Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shopping with children

At the bulk discount grocery store I frequent, the sales man who checked us out gave me a great deal.  He sold me a free toddler with the box of diaper wipes and a free infant with the box of diapers.  I asked him how much I owed for my four year old, and he shrugged,  "She comes as a bonus with the vodka."  Before I could close my mouth I had said it.  "Thats how we got her in the first place!"

Then there is the farm market.  Nyobi beat Cora for the most produce procured because of nibbling.  she added two salad cucumbers, one zuccini, one banana pepper and a hand full of blue berries to my fruits and vegis.  I have to admit though, that it feels awesome to walk through the market with two cucumber munching children.  It felt even better today when we passed the Mom of the child crying for cookies, and my kids didn't even look at the confections. 

Here is another parenting blunder that we encountered today.  There were two separate parents using their cell phones to entertain their children, one with precisely the same phone that I have.  Perhaps I should have shown them the pointed impact that Nyobi made on my phone.  Then again, I doubt they would have believed it.  To finish off our marathon shopping trip, Anya decided she wanted to drive the car home after I was done nursing.  Being a Mom, I'm certain she said "drive!"  when she grabbed the wheel.  Is it too soon to move to Mackinaw Island?  They do not have cars there. 

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Anonymous said...

just wait till drivers- training!!!! hahahah