Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plate Envy

Anya is a peculiar eater.  She reacted poorly to oatmeal and milk products.  She reacted poorly to breastmilk when I ate oatmeal and milk products.  She likes baby pea puree but not pears.  She loves carrots but not the texture.  Recently her food preferences have fallen into the "little to nothing" catagory.  Frustrated on Friday I handed over a slice of french bread in an attempt to at least get her to pretend to eat something. 

Guess what?  She loves french bread.  She whined when I took the soggy chewy crust away. 

Yesterday she refused to eat bananas and sweet potatos.  I was eating chinese fried rice.  She wanted that instead.  Handfuls of rice later,  I moaned quietly in prayer that the Chinese restaurant didn't use any substances to cause Allergy Anya to erupt.  This was not the first time I just gave in, nor my spouse either.
There was some stew she got from Pete, and a couple pieces of french toast until the spoil sport mother pointed out that maple syrup should not be fed to babies. 

It is sad but true.  My seven month old has plate envy.  If its YOUR dinner, she wants it.  Unfortunately, two teeth and tiny tongues are really not ready for chewing up calories.  There is only one solution.

My food should go in the baby jars, and hers on a plate!  The bonus of this program is that I would lose a lot of weight quickly.  Six ounces of space is not very much.