Thursday, September 9, 2010

Games Infants Play

Anyas new favorite games include peek-a-boo, ambulence siren and mountain goat.  All children must play these games, and I am certain my elder two did their fair share of peek-a-boo.  However, the penetrating noises at volumes expected of megaphone enhanced speakers are singular to my third.  She will make you deaf.  I have noticed an impairment to my elder twos hearing already.  No wait, that is normal child behavior.

It is the game of Mountain Goat which is aging me the quickest.  She insists upon climbing everything.  While moving into our new place, she managed to reach the apex of a computer monitor, attempt to position herself on the bar (from the floor via the futon)  and stand on the childrens rocker.  I would not mind her interest in the child size rocking chair, if she would just put her butt down on it.  yesterday I watched her attempt to stand on the arms, to reach something on the book shelf. 

At eleven months, she already managed to sit on top of the kitchen table, proud as punch.  When I walked into the room she did what every brave shnookie attempting to grey their mothers head would do.  She stood up and took a couple tremulous steps across the flat surface. 

Upon finding herself hugged sharply and deposited on the safe fluffy carpeted floor she smiled at me.  Then she crawled back to the bottom of the high chair to try it again. 

The games infants play are why parents drink.