Monday, November 7, 2011

Really Long Vacation

A year ago, I fell down a slippery slope, both mentally and physically.  In a physical sense, I slid down a muddy hill while holding my youngest (then one).  I cracked the head of my humerus.  From that physical impairment, I launched into the winter of sickness and house woes.

When summer arrived, I was still mentally buried under Amoxacillin dosage charts, Prednisone and allergy testing.  This October, we scrambled all the opinions together, and produced an omelet of results.  Instead of having questions about what was going on, we have a direction to move in.  So, during a really long vacation, I would like to share with you what I have learned.

A: Anya. The child I nursed the longest is allergic to Oats and Fish, has seasonal allergies, asthma, and a tendancy to smurf out (turn blue) while screaming after licking the glass on the lobster tank at Meijers. 

B: Bee. The child I nursed the shortest has Celiacs Disease.  She is not allergic to anything, though.  A gluten free diet finally made her capable of potty training, and instead of discussing variants in the childs diarrhea I talk about how she has so much more energy and a happier demeanor. 

C:  Cora.  Is capable of being more adult like than any 5 1/2 year old should be.  She is a rock worth standing with and supporting and yes, I am working on signing her up for Ballet lessons as per her request.

D:  I can change diapers with only my left hand. 

E:  Eating.  We now have a fish free, gluten free, oat free low lactose kitchen.  In case you are wondering what that means food wise, almost everything is cooked at home.  Insta-food, and half of the sauces and flavorings are no longer options.  I do buy 25 lbs bags of rice though.

F:  Fun!  But between it all, my children are still teaching me new lessons.  For instance, in the middle of writing this blog, they taught me how to clean raw egg out of carpet.  Evidently not all eggs make it down the little people carnival slide in tact. 

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kelly came up with this job very efficiently.carry on.